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New Media

Typecast (Drama-comedy webseries, TBD)
Co-creator, Co-writer, Actor

Jump Leads (Scifi-comedy audio series, TBD)
Creator, Writer, Voice Actor for “Llewellyn”

Justin McElroy: Hero To All (Microfiction, 2011-2018)

Dalek Gary (Comedy webseries, 2015)
Co-creator, Co-writer, Voice Actor for “Gary”

PortsCenter (Documentary webseries, 2011-present)
Creator, Writer, Host, Editor

Asian Stereotype Police (Comedy shorts, 2014)

CHICK (Drama webseries, 2013)
Staff writer, season 2

Red Dwarf: Songs in the Key of Files (Webcomic, 2010)

Boomer’s Day Off (Drama-comedy webseries, 2008-2009)
Co-creator, Co-writer

./shutdown (Drama-comedy webseries, 2008)
Script Consultant, episodes 6-9 [Uncredited]

Jump Leads (Scifi-comedy webcomic, 2007-2012)
Head Writer, Co-Creator



The DamnLag (2011-2012)
Op-ed pieces on the subject of videogame culture and design.

Game Partisan (2003-2007)
Op-ed pieces on the subject of videogame culture and videogame design. Site now defunct.

Other Editorial Work



Unlimited Rice Pudding! (2010-2015)
Doctor Who fansite. Episode reviews, convention coverage.

But, Sir… (2008-2012)
Political blog looking at bizarre, unusual and downright baffling petitions submitted to the Prime Minister of Great Britain via the UK government website. SIte no longer online.



Misc. Fiction and Short Stories