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New Media

Typecast (Drama-comedy webseries, TBD)
Co-creator, Co-writer, Actor

Jump Leads (Scifi-comedy audio series, TBD)
Creator, Writer, Voice Actor for “Llewellyn”

Justin McElroy: Hero To All (Microfiction, 2011-2018)

Dalek Gary (Comedy webseries, 2015)
Co-creator, Co-writer, Voice Actor for “Gary”

PortsCenter (Documentary webseries, 2011-present)
Creator, Writer, Host, Editor

Asian Stereotype Police (Comedy shorts, 2014)

CHICK (Drama webseries, 2013)
Staff writer, season 2

Red Dwarf: Songs in the Key of Files (Webcomic, 2010)

Boomer’s Day Off (Drama-comedy webseries, 2008-2009)
Co-creator, Co-writer

./shutdown (Drama-comedy webseries, 2008)
Script Consultant, episodes 6-9 [Uncredited]

Jump Leads (Scifi-comedy webcomic, 2007-2012)
Head Writer, Co-Creator



The DamnLag (2011-2012)
Op-ed pieces on the subject of videogame culture and design.

Game Partisan (2003-2007)
Op-ed pieces on the subject of videogame culture and videogame design. Site now defunct.

Other Editorial Work



Unlimited Rice Pudding! (2010-present)
Doctor Who fansite. Episode reviews, convention coverage.

Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits (2010-2012)
A flippant, tongue-in-cheek critique of videogame journalism.

But, Sir… (2008-2012)
Political blog looking at bizarre, unusual and downright baffling petitions submitted to the Prime Minister of Great Britain via the UK government website.



Misc. Fiction and Short Stories