PortsCenter is a webseries that looks at interesting ports of games, ports that differ in some way to the original that make them unique, be that for better or worse. Each episode looks at a different game, comparing it to the source material and seeing how it holds up. Sometimes later ports of a game build upon the source material spectacularly, and other times… well, it’s less successful.

After an initial pilot in late 2011, PortsCenter launched in January 2013.

Praise for PortsCenter

“All in all, Portscenter is fast-paced, informative – from both a technical and historical point of view – and has a fun sensibility that reminded me a lot of all those BBC history docs with Terry Jones. In short, the show doesn’t suck and I hope they get to make more.” – Dino Andrade, voice actor (“World of Warcraft”, “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, “Brütal Legend”)

“GamesWipe for people who know about games.” – Oli Smith, writer, video game producer (“Alien: Isolation”, “Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth”, “LittleBigPlanet Ultimate Official Handbook”)

“…if the pilot episode is any indication then the series looks to be both entertaining and informative… if you like seeing fresh video game content on the web then this is a good endeavor to support.” – SideQuesting.com

“we love it… a shameless rip off of [Charlie Brooker’s ScreenWipe] but that’s no bad thing.” – CasuallyHardcore.com

“This complete unoriginality of this is cringeworthy. I had to stop after 15 seconds.” – Dygbi, a YouTube user whose account consists mainly of videos of cats and dogs doing vaguely amusing things