Jump Leads


Based on the critically-acclaimed webcomic of the same name, Jump Leads is a scifi-comedy audioplay series released entirely for free as a monthly podcast. It follows the exploits of Meaney and Llewellyn, two trainees in a self-appointed “reality police” called the Lead Service. Their job: Travel to parallel universes and ensure the fabric is reality is safe. However during their first field training exercise the captain chaperoning them is killed by robots, and they retreat to their inter-dimensional JumpShip only to find that the Fast Recall Switch, which is designed to take them back to Lead H.Q., isn’t working. Instead, it sends them to a random location in a random parallel universe.

The series features the vocal talents of Dino Andrade (World of WarcraftBatman: Arkham Asylum), Chris Dorman (8.13, The Meme), Marissa Meizel (Capsized,Rosie Dale) and Jump Leads writer/creator Ben Paddon (Boomer’s Day Off, PortsCenter). The production, sound design and music is being handled by award-winning soundsman Shaun Lile.

You can listen to new episodes of Jump Leads at the official website. You can also support the show via Patreon.