Dalek Gary

Dalek Gary is a six-part comedy webseries written by myself and Boomer’s Day Off co-writer Michelle Osorio, who also directed.

Gary is a Dalek stranded in southern California who tries to infiltrate human society. As this happens, a British television crew are in town to shoot a documentary about illegal immigrants living and working in the United States, and by coincidence they end up choosing Gary as the subject of their show. This six-part series follows Gary through the lens of the camera crew as he tries to make it as an armor-plated killing machine in a man’s world.

As well as having use of a screen-accurate modern-series era Dalek, the show  also features appearances by Brian Firenzi (5-Second FilmsVideo Game High School, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3), James Ashby (SMBC Theater, Starpocalypse), JP Nickel (SMBC Theater, Starpocalypse), Jason Horton (The Annoying Orange, Totally Sketch, Tosh 2.0) and Ben Dunn (Boomer’s Day OffNerdTerns), with linking narration by Maria Del Carmen (5-Second FilmsVideo Game High School). Also appearing are kill9 regulars Timothy Cross (./shutdownBoomer’s Day Off) and Amanda Lyn Hooper (The Real Sims).

Dalek Gary was produced as a fan-work and parody of Doctor Who. This is a not-for-profit project. No copyright infringement is intended.