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The Albatross

June 20, 2014 Ben Jump Leads

Webcomics is a difficult field for me, in part because I have the artistic skills of a three-legged rhino, but it’s one I’ve always gravitated to because I’ve always been a very visual storyteller. I’ve been very lucky enough to work with artists who have helped to tell stories like Jump Leads, and when those […]



2013: The Mayans Were Wrong

January 1, 2013 Ben Dalek Gary

So! So. Lots to do in 2013. Launch PortsCenter. Write and film Dalek Gary. Commence work on at least two other webseries, and polish off a sitcom idea I’ve been sitting on since 2007. That’s not to mention the project I’m pitching to a production company this month – which reminds me, I need to […]



The Writer’s Tale

July 27, 2012 Ben Deadlong

Once a year, every year, I re-read The Writer’s Tale. According to Russell T Davies’ foreword to the book, Steven Moffat said of this book, “If you still want to be a writer after reading this, you probably will be.” I always, without fail, finish my re-read creatively charged and itching, itching to write. No, not even […]


0 a load of old wank,

Jump Leads: Coming to an End

April 17, 2012 Ben Jump Leads

In July 2007, Jump Leads began its very first issue. In May 2012, it will be wrapping up its last. This decision doesn’t come easily, or lightly, or any other words ending in ly, but it feels like the time has come. We had a phenomenal first couple of years. We went from nearly no readers […]



The Net: Not just a movie starring Sandra Bullock

January 1, 2012 Ben Jump Leads

With the .com domain sort of imploding I’ve had to move the site over to a .net domain instead, which has involved a fresh install of WordPress and a bit of tricky jiggery-pokery to get the old posts moved over here, but they’re all there. Go on, scroll down a bit and have a look. […]


1 SoulGeek,

“Isn’t this exciting? I’m excited!”

December 2, 2011 Ben Jump Leads

Jump Leads was created out of a desire to write something a bit like Doctor Who and a bit like Red Dwarf. In fact writing for both of these shows sits firmly atop my “lifelong dream” list. Now, with the future of Jump Leads in doubt, I find myself robbed of a dream I didn’t know […]




October 26, 2011 Ben Conventions & Appearances

As many of you know, I’ve been quite heavily connected to SoulGeek for the last three-or-so years. I’ve helped site founder Dino Andrade coordinate convention appearances, I’ve helped to organize the Singles Nights over in Van Nuys, and I even co-host them with Dino (it still baffles me that Dino credits me as “creator of […]


0 SoulGeek,


August 8, 2011 Ben But, Sir...

There are a few things I want to update you on, gentle reader, so here they are: Five-Dollar Fiction is now on its own dedicated website and is picking up steam, which is pretty spiffy. Feel free to pop over and commission your own micro-story, if you dare!1 But, Sir… is back in full since since the […]


2 Tumblr,

CON APPEARANCE: Anaheim Comic-Con – April 29th to May 1st

April 16, 2011 Ben Conventions & Appearances

In two weeks time I’ll be making my first con appearance in almost two years. I’ll be at the SoulGeek table at this year’s Anaheim Comic-Con at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Anaheim. Unfortunately I won’t have any Jump Leads merch to sell – not unless I can pull something bloody spectacular out of […]


0 Anaheim Comic-Con,

Insert “Jump” Pun Here

April 7, 2011 Ben Jump Leads

I’ve taken a break from working on that script (as well as transcribing some notes for a friend) to work instead on a rewrite of the next issue of Jump Leads. It’s a page-one rewrite – s0mething I’ve never done before – and to make matters worse it’s a rewrite of one of Andrew’s scripts. […]


0 Andrew Taylor,

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