San Diego Comic-Con 2009

I’ll be at the SoulGeek booth, which is booth #2517. We’re right by the Bongo booth (responsible for Simpsons Comics and Futurama Comics) and the Dark Horse booth (responsible for… well, tons of cool stuff).

I’ll be sharing not just with SoulGeek founder and voice actor Dino Andrade (who webcomic aficionados will know as the voice of Skull the Troll in PVP: The Series). Joining us at the SoulGeek booth will be none other than star of not one but two Battlestar Galacticas –Richard Hatch! He’ll be right there sat next to me. Which will be weird.

We may also end up being joined by Crispin Freeman, a voice actor who has made use of his talents in HellsingGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Naruto. Which is pretty damned awesome.

Michelle will also be wandering around at Comic-Con this year, so you’e got an opportunity to meet both of the writers of Boomer’s Day Off! What more could you ask for?