Can You Give My Mum A Lift At Comic-Con?

My Mum is not, strictly speaking, the healthiest person on the planet. Diabetes has done its part to rob her of a large majority of her eyesight and also limit her movement. She’s one of those people who whizzes around Asda in one of those Shop Mobitility scooter-cart dealies. She’s always telling me of some sort of ache or another. It’s such a shame to see such a fiercely independent person lose some of that independence like she has.

But despite her medical woes, she couldn’t be more bubbly, more fun, more cheerful to speak to. She’s as full of life now as she’s ever been, and I absolutely admire that. I do so love my Mum, and every day I wish I could pop over to her house just to say hello.

She’s currently in the process of moving house, as the house she lives in now – the house my sister and I grew up in, and the house she grew up in for that matter – is simply too big for her to manage alone. She’s moving to a smaller house near some close to family which will help her immensely, but she’s still going to struggle with the stairs every day.

With her legs as they are, she tends to go downstairs once in the morning, and go back upstairs once at night. It’s not convenient and it’s not easy, and I’d like to do something about that.

This year I will be taking a book with me to the San Diego Comic-Con. My goal is to fill the pages with sketches, doodles, autographs and what-have-you, and then mail it to my Mum where she can hopefully sell it to raise some cash to go towards a Stairlift to be installed in her new home. Will she get any real coin for it? Who knows? But it’s bound to raise some money, and some money is better than no money at all.