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Panellin’ It Up at Gallifrey One

January 29, 2014 Ben Conventions & Appearances

Last year I was in a panel at Gallifey One, the largest Doctor Who convention in the US. This year, I’m participating in two panels. Given this rate of growth, within a decade I will be participating in five-hundred-and-twelve panels. Which seems reasonable. Gallifrey One runs from February 14th-16th this year at the LAX Marriott Hotel, and […]


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Gallifrey One Panel – “The Next Doctor”

February 11, 2013 Ben Conventions & Appearances

If you’re in the LA area for the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One, I’ll be there all weekend dressed (hopefully) as the Eleventh Doctor. Hooray! I’m also participating on a panel called “The Next Doctor”. From the Gallifrey One website: We all know it’s coming… some day, whether next year or a few down the road, […]


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Subject 5 Con

January 25, 2013 Ben Conventions & Appearances

I’ll be hosting a comedy panel at Subject 5 Con happening in Hollywood on Saturday, February 9th.I can’t announce who else will be on the panel, mostly because I don’t actually know, but it’s a comedy panel. Comedy. It’s going to be funny. You should be there. Subject 5 Con is part anime/horror/scifi/animation/anime/entertainment convention, part launch […]


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The GMX Files

October 30, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

Bloody Hell. What a weekend. I’m not entirely sure I’m capable of putting it all into words, but I’ll certainly have a go. Tweet


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My Complete GMX Schedule

October 23, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

I’ll be in Nashville, TN from Friday to Sunday attending the Geek Media Expo. Here’s my complete schedule: Portal Party 2.0 Friday, October 26th ▪ 8:00pm – 9:30pm, Palomino + Quarter Horse + Mustang rooms Last year, we both said a lot of things that you’re going to regret. But I think we can put our differences […]


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GMX PortsCenter Presentation – Scheduling!

October 21, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

GMX have released their event schedule, and the date and time of the PortsCenter Presentation has now been set in… well, not stone. Spreadsheet. Set in spreadsheet? Is that a thing? But anyway. it’s taking place on Sunday at 12pm in the Franklin Room. If you’re going to be at GMX, you’ll want to be there. […]


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Guess Where I’ll Be For 24 Hour Comics Day

September 10, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

October 20th is 24-Hour Comics Day, in which artists around the world will be attempting to create a full 24-page comic in just twenty-four hours. Does that sound crazy? Good, because I’ll be doing exactly that. Galaxy of Comics, my local comic book store and the same store which plays host to the Soulgeek Singles […]


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PortsCenter @ GMX Vol.4

August 7, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

Heading to the Geek Media Expo this October? So am I! This year the fourth GMX takes place in Nashville, Tennessee. There are a number of cool guests with a ton of geek cred, including voice actors like Rob Paulsen and Billy West, actors such as Star Trek: Voyager‘s Garrett Wang and Marilyn Ghigliotti of Clerks fame, and internet personalities such as “That […]


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Comic-Con Round-Up Exclamation Mark

July 15, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

I almost never take photos these days. I don’t photograph my friends, because, y’know, they’re my friends. If I find myself wondering what my friends look like I can pick up a phone and say, “Hey, are you busy today?” If the answer is no, it’s usually less than an hour before we’re in each […]


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I’ll be at VidCon on Saturday

June 27, 2012 Ben Conventions & Appearances

This is last minute, but I’ll be attending VidCon this Saturday. you’ll find me at the IAWTV booth, #403, on Saturday from 9am-1pm telling people how brilliant the IAWTV is. I should be wandering the hall for the remainder of the event, so if you’re around and you see me feel free to stop me […]


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