Justin McElroy: Hero To All – Chapter 2: Panic! At The Deathspire

Before you continue, consider reading the previous chapter so you’re all caught up.

Justin McElroy, savior of Earth and hero to all humanity, hovered above the Largfnaac pit, his body cocooned in an energy field restricting his every movement.

“I’m Justin McElroy,” he said. “Savior of the Earth and hero to all humanity. I bet you’re wondering how I got here.”

“Not especially,” said Lord Haalblaine, drumming his clawed fingers against the smooth handle of his obsidian trident. “We found you floating aimlessly in space, so we picked you up.”

“Ah!” smiled Justin. “And having heard of how I rescued the Earth from a celestial body by punching it square in the selfie surface, you’re hoping to enlist my aid in saving your own kind.”

Lord Haalblaine began picking at his claws with the tip of his trident, trying to remove some dirt. “Not as such, no.”


“No, mostly we were thinking, ‘Hey, I wonder what space meat tastes like?’”

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