About Ben

Ben Paddon is a British-born writer, actor and geek humorist currently living in Los Angeles. He was born the same day Chernobyl exploded, although he maintains he has an airtight alibi with at least three witnesses.

He’s the creator, Director, co-Writer and Host of PortsCenter, a webseries which looks at unique and interesting ports of video games. He’s also the creator of the scifi-comedy webcomic Jump Leads, which is now a monthly audioplay series.

In 2008-09 Ben co-wrote the popular and award-winning web mini-series Boomer’s Day Off, which to date has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.

He has been a guest on BBC Radio Five Live’s Game On to offer his thoughts on the wonky video game review scale, and has appeared in at least one episode of popular sing-along teen angst-a-thon, Glee. No, really.

Ben enjoys sitcoms, video games, eating Pop Tarts, and writing biographies of himself in the third person. His favourite shape is the oblong.