The Game of Rassilon – The Doctor Who RPG at Gallifrey One!

It’s on the Gallifrey One website, so I guess I can announce this now: I’ll be GMing a game of Cubicle 7‘s Doctor Who Roleplaying Game for an audience with a crew of very funny people. We’ll be playing a 90-minute session with one goal: Make you lot laugh. Oh, and save the universe, I suppose.

More details, including the full list of who’s playing, once the full Gally schedule has been revealed. In the meantime, here’s what they’ve said in their latest site update:

Plus as a special treat this year: “The Game of Rassilon”… it’s Dungeons & Dragons but a little more timey-wimey, and we’ve gathered four very funny people to play the game for your amusement! What misadventure will the Doctor and his (or her!) companions find themselves in this time, and how will they get out? It all depends on the dice…

Gallifrey One takes place at the LAX Marriott Hotel from February 17th-19th. Tickets have already sold out.

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