I’m a Guest at San Diego Who Con!


That’s right, despite having never appeared in a single episode of Doctor Who I will be a Guest at the first ever San Diego Who Con at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

Interested in attending? You can purchase tickets here! It’s $60 for the whole weekend, $30 for the Friday, or $20 for the Sunday (Saturday-only passes are, sadly, all sold out). Or you can just attend the London Blitz Dance Party for $15! You can also book a room at the Town and Country Resort, where the convention is taking place.

This is a first-year Doctor Who con. Purchasing tickets and booking a room at the hotel helps to support the convention, and makes a second one next year much more likely.

Here’s my schedule, just in case you can’t see the image above:


[PANEL] “You May Also Enjoy…” – Council Room – Friday @ 1pm
Exploring British scifi/fantasy beyond Doctor Who.

[PANEL] Headcanon Accepted – Council Room – Friday @ 3pm
Discussing “fanon” within Doctor Who.


[EVENT] Eric Roberts – Council Room – Saturday @ 10am

[EVENT] Daphne Ashbrook – Council Room – Saturday @ 12pm

[PANEL] The Game of Rassilon – Saturday @ 1pm
The Doctor Who Tabletop RPG Live!

[EVENT] “The London Blitz” Dance Party – Saturday @ 8pm
Featuring musical performance by The Velveteen Band


[EVENT] Q&A with Eric Roberts and Daphne Ashbrook – Council Room – Sunday @ 10am

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