This is why I occasionally love Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins

Mike and Jerry will, from time to time, use the Penny Arcade front page as a correspondence hub, sending messages to each other. I found the comic in mid-2003 and fell in love with it almost immediately, but a few short months later they posted this comic about Mike’s attempts to grow a beard, which was accompanied by a news post by Jerry where he described his cohort’s failure of personal hygiene as “sparse, almost theoretical hairs”. I laughed, but not as hard as I laughed at Mike’s response which, spoiler alert, ends on the line “So to recap, my goatee is awesome and Tycho is bald from head to toe like a baby mole.” This, in turn, led to a response from Jerry, which may be described as “biting.” Alternatively it may not be described as that. That’s really on you.

That moment sticks in the mind, bu perhaps not as much as today’s conversation will. I won’t ruin it for you, but I will say it’s not mean-spirited.

Read them, top the bottom, in order. Fantastic.

That is all.

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