Panellin’ It Up at Gallifrey One

Last year I was in a panel at Gallifey One, the largest Doctor Who convention in the US. This year, I’m participating in two panels. Given this rate of growth, within a decade I will be participating in five-hundred-and-twelve panels. Which seems reasonable.

Gallifrey One runs from February 14th-16th this year at the LAX Marriott Hotel, and this year includes guests Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Billie Piper and Arthur Darvill. Yeah, I know. Blimey. Shame tickets have already sold out, eh?

Here are the details for the panels I’m appearing in.

Sex and the Single Time Lord – Friday, 10:30pm, Program E

Though it wasn’t about the Doctor when he wrote it, Douglas Adams may have put it best.  ”What is he, man or mouse?  Is he interested in nothing more than tea and the wider issues of life?  Has he no spirit?  Has he no passion?  Does he not, to put it in a nutshell, f—?”  A late-night discussion topic about how the Doctor gets on without copping off.

Appearing with Bridget Bowes, Rod Hedrick, and Eric Hoffman.


The Non-Violent SolutionSaturday, 2:00pm, Program D

We live in a world of violent video games, slasher movies and car chases on television… and yet, somehow, Doctor Who endures.  He’s never cruel or cowardly, and he never raises a weapon to solve a problem.  What is the appeal of a character who lives boldly and espouses virtue above all things?

Appearing with Kyle Anderson, Lindsay Mayers and Kathy Sullivan.

More information about the convention as well as a full schedule of the weekend’s events can be found at

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