Subject 5 Con

I’ll be hosting a comedy panel at Subject 5 Con happening in Hollywood on Saturday, February 9th.I can’t announce who else will be on the panel, mostly because I don’t actually know, but it’s a comedy panel. Comedy. It’s going to be funny. You should be there.

Subject 5 Con is part anime/horror/scifi/animation/anime/entertainment convention, part launch part for the webseries Subject 5. The event will also feature an anime panel and at least two horror panels. They’ll also be raising funds for charity, I’m told. Which is nice.

Other attendees include voice actors Richard Epcar (Legend of KorraGhost in the Shell, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe), Dino Andrade (Hellsing UltimateBatman: Arkham AsylumWorld of Warcraft), and JB Blanc (Beware the BatmanBleachMarvel Anime).

Admission to Subject 5 Con is only $10 online, or $15 at the door. Head over to the Subject 5 website for more details and to purchase a ticket.

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