PortsCenter Funded!

As you can probably tell from the snazzy Kickstarter widget on the right, our attempt to fund PortsCenter was slightly more than successful (and I use the word “slightly” in a literal sense – no typical British understatement here).

I’ve already ordered almost all the equipment needed to produce all 13 episodes, and this weekend I’ll be moseying into my local “Holy Shit, They Sell Everything” store to buy pretty much all of the games and hardware.

The last year has been building up to this moment. I am preposterously nervous, but very excited to finally be working on the show. I’ll probably post occasional updates here, but for more news and announcements regarding PortsCenter keep an eye on PortsCenter.tv. PortsCenter is also on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

I’ve already tweeted a fuckton of Thank Yous, but… thank you to everybody who pledged for the show. You have no idea how incredible grateful I am for the opportunity to make this happen. I hope you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

Incidentally if you weren’t able to pledge to the Kickstarter, consider pledging to this one instead. Joe Walker is trying to raise $700 to produce a webseries about underrated and inexpensive gaming gems called “The Backlog”. It’s a marvelous idea, and he isn’t asking for much money, so do pledge if you’re able.

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