RedBubble’s AdeGee Stole My Art

Back in 2006, I crapped out this piece of Red Dwarf fan-art for an “Instruction Manual Shenanigans” competition on the Penny Arcade Forums.

Red Dwarf – Rimmer salute by ~squirminator2k on deviantART

Six years later, AdeGee on RedBubble posted it as his own tee-shirt design, and has apparently sold one. Which is nice for him, I suppose, but less so for me considering he’s ripped off my design.

I’ve left two comments on RedBubble – one on his news post, and one on the tee-shirt page itself. I’ve also tweeted @RedBubble asking them politely to pull the design as it isn’t AdeGee’s design to sell.

I’d be very appreciative if some of you could contact RedBubble as well to let them know this design is stolen, as I’m sure they’re unaware of the theft.


Update: The shirt design appears to have been pulled. Result!

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